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Five Elements / Five Metals in Kabbalah As mentioned in the Holy Book "Segulot Yisrael", written by Maimonedes (Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon), in the name of the "Chida", Rabby Yosef David Azulai regarding the Kabbalic aspect of Five Metals: ??You shall take of the five elements: Gold and Silver, Copper Tin and Lead and make a ring out of them on Saturday night after the new moon. You must finalize your work before the call of the rooster, wear it AND YOU WILL SEE MIRACLES...? This is Auspicious for Success, Health, Abundance, Love, Matchmaking, Fertility and Protection from the Evil Eye. Characteristics of the Five Metal Elements: Gold: Represents the Sun. Self expression, vitality, endless energy toward success, work, happiness and wealth, the male side & image (the Father) and Sunday. Silver: Represents the Moon. Spiritual needs, family, children, peace and serenity, self sensitivity and sensitivity to others, the female side and image (the Mother) and Monday Copper: Represents Venus. Expression of feelings, artistic skills, love and friendship, a peaceful home, harmony, unconditional love, ourselves and others, and Friday Tin: Represents Mercury. Mental perception, understanding, communication, changes, the courage to act correctly, connection to internal power, the power to release inhibitions and negative thoughts, and Wednesday Lead: Represents Saturn. Self-fulfillment, authority, feelings, the link between past and present, choosing the power of Life in its spiritual aspect, connection to Divine awareness, and Saturday.

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