AHAVA Moisturizing Salt Soap

AHAVA Moisturizing Salt Soap

100gr / 3.4oz

Product Description

This moisturizing salt soap brings you rich mineral salts from the Dead Sea - known since ancient times for their healing properties. It will thoroughly cleanse your skin whilst nourishing and adding moisture. It leaves you with a wonderful fresh feeling that will remain with you for hours afterwards.


SKU: AH-697045153053
Size: 100gr / 3.4oz
Brand: Ahava

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Average rating: 4.8 / 5.0 based on 5 reviews

Worth the money.

Ahava costs more but is definitely worth it. They have top skin products.

wish I lived at the Dead Sea

I use this every day. I have dry and sensitive skin and began using Ahava because of skin rashes several years ago. The salt/dead sea minerals have noticeably healed my skin. The bar lathers well and lasts long. I now feel like travelling to the Dead Sea to soak in those healing pools.

Works great for psoriasis

I was looking for a bar soap for my mom who sufferes from Psoriasis. I bought this product because a friend from Israel recommended this particular soap. Aside from working great it smells great! My mom only just started using this product but she thinks it's working great so far, his skin feels a lot less dry, less itchy, and is super gentle.

my favorite soap

This is one of my favorite AHAVA soaps, it helps kill bacteria and redness casued by acne prone skin, not just facial skin. It takes the redness out and heals breakouts very quickly. Works in as little as 1 day.

amazing soap!

This soap is amazing, I have adult acne, and clogged pores. The Dead Sea minerals are well known to be great for your skin and used in ancient times. Who can argue with 2000 plus years of beauty treatments.

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