Blue Enamel Menorah with Sparkling Stones

Blue Enamel Menorah with Sparkling Stones


Product Description

A cheerful Oriental style Menorah to bring joy and spirit excitement to your Chanukah lighting.

Blue, color of peace and tranquility, is the theme color picked up throughout the Menorah - from the nine metal cups resting on the arch decoration to the swirling flower shapes in the center; from the bold pretty Star of David in the center to the blue colored decorated base. A delightful Menorah to enjoy throughout the year. Use with candles or wicks.


SKU: ch-44019-B-Blue
Width: 7.2" / 18.2 cm
Height: 6.2" / 15.7 cm
Cup size: 0.2" / 0.5 cm
Material: Enamel on metal

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