Dorit Judaica Decorative Wall Plaque Doves Frame - Judges Prayer

Dorit Judaica Decorative Wall Plaque Doves Frame - Judges Prayer


Product Description

A magnificent plaque to show your appreciation for a judge or Dayan who officiates in a Jewish Court of Law. The prayer in the center of the plaque asks for Divine assistance to maintain the highest standards of justice. Around are additional Biblical verses upholding justice and truth. A scale, two doves and a delicate pomegranate design embellish this breathtakingly beautiful Dorit Judaica work of art to decorate the walls of home, office or legal chambers.

Brief translation of the prayer:
May it be Your Will our G-d and G-d of our father that You direct me in judgment and prevent me from stumbling. Help me understand the innocent, convict the guilty, and fearlessly state the truth. May it be Your Will that I not err – nor permit the forbidden or forbid the permitted. Let my judgment be clear and thorough, rejoicing with my friend’s judgment and they with me. If I err, please guide me to the truth so that I maintain justice, truth and peace.


Width: 8" / 19.5 cm
Height: 8.8" / 21.5 cm
Material: stainless steel
Made in Israel
Artist: Dorit Judaica

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