Five Metal Amethyst Ring for Healing by HaAri

Five Metal Amethyst Ring for Healing by HaAri


Product Description

The elegant purples amethyst stone was one of the twelve precious stones adorning the Breastplate of the High Priest. It is known for its mystical powers. Here the stone adorns an elegant ring made of the five precious metals of the universe: silver, gold, lead, copper and tin. The combination of these metals is a well-known Kabalah symbol. Add a Kabalah charm or a Hebrew verse and see the potential for strength and blessing.

If you stand at a crossroads in life and feel uncertain, the inspiring words engraved on the ring will give you encouragement and strength: “In the name of G-d, we will do and we will succeed!”

Supply time: 7 days


Artist: HaAri Jewelry
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