Glass Candle Holder by Friekmanndar - Flower Design

Glass Candle Holder by Friekmanndar - Flower Design


Product Description

Glass craftsmanship at its best. With incredible precision and sensitivity, Friekmanndar Artists have carefully cut and joined sections of stained glass pearl colored petals giving the impression of a flower in full bloom. The petals rest on forest-green glass leaves.

When our Matriarch Sarah kindled the Shabbat lights, they miraculously continued burning until the following Friday. When she passed away, the miracle ceased and re-appeared a few years later when Rebecca entered the tent. This was the Heavenly sign for Isaac that she was a worthy wife for him.


Artist: Friekmanndar
Made in Israel
Material: stained glass
Height: 3.9"/10 cm
Width: 5.9"/15 cm

Copyright 2002-today
1 Imrei Baruch st. Bnei Brak 56109 Israel