Ring by Amaro Pearl Jam Collection

Ring by Amaro Pearl Jam Collection


Product Description

This beautiful ring is a part of the Pearl Jam Collection, created the Israeli Jewelry Design Studio, Amaro, Irit Goffer heads Amaro and the studio enjoys much popularity both in Israel and abroad.

The Pearl Jam Collection was created through inspiration from the mysterious world of shells as well as the story of the birth of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty in Greek mythology.
The pearl, a perfect, primeval, raw material and a magnificent creation of nature, stars in this set alongside rich, unique elements that together create a sight of extraordinary beauty. The soft colors of the pearl and the glow of the crystal create an unexpected combination of strength and softness, delicacy and sturdiness that makes a perfect fit for festive occasions.

Stones featuring in this collection:
Mother of pearl


Artist: Amaro

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