Silver Swarovski I Love You Eye Necklace by Nano

Silver Swarovski I Love You Eye Necklace by Nano


Product Description

"Eyes are the window of the soul," says the old proverb. Let this intriguing silver eye necklace tell your loved one what you feel. The center is a magnificent Swarovski crystal, available in a choice of colors. On it, engraved in minute nano print in 24K gold, are the words "I love you" in twelve languages. This amazing necklace comes with 18" silver chain and a dainty magnifying glass for examining the text.

Each necklace is packed in an attractive gift box

Nano Jewelry, based in Israel, has joined with scientists and jewelers to create the perfect gift of love. Utilizing Nano technology, their innovative exciting pendants are as meaningful as they are exquisitely beautiful.


Type: Necklace
Materials: Silver, 24k gold imprint,
Chain: silver 18"
Height: 21 mm/0.8"
Width: 11 mm/0.4"
Artist: Nano_Jewelry

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