Silver plated Small Kiddush Cup Set

By Hoshen Judaica

Silver plated Small Kiddush Cup Set

By Hoshen Judaica
Height:2.5" / 6 cm

Product Description

Here are two small-sized silver plated Kiddush cups in a pretty diamond design with flower engravings at the base. They will be welcomed by younger members of the family who will appreciate receiving the Kiddush wine in their own personal Kiddush cup. It will surely encourage them to follow the Kiddush attentively. The cups can be used by children at the Seder on the night of Pessach when each participant has his own cup to drink the Four Cups. We recommend them as a delightful birth gift. What about presenting them to that special child in your life on his third birthday traditionally the time of his first hair-cutting!
These small sized Kiddush cups are a reminder to us to imbue our children with the beauty and strength of our holy heritage. Shabbat is the covenant that G-d made with the Jewish people, establishing the Jewish people as a holy nation. Before the meal begins, the father and his children greet the Shabbat angels by singing the traditional Shalom Aleichem. They then recite the Woman of Valor ode, praising their mother. After that, the Kiddush cup is filled to the brim with wine, a reminder of the fullness of joy experienced on Shabbat. Kiddush is recited aloud and at the conclusion, all those present respond "amen". The one who recited the Kiddush drinks form the cup and distributes wine to those present. The children will be delighted to have their own cups.
The cups are easily cleaned. Wash and wipe. They will serve you many years and will never rust or fade. To ensure lasting wear, the silver plate has been sprayed with long-lasting lacquer.


SKU: PL-X118
Size: Height:2.5" / 6 cm

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