Turquoise Glass Pomegranate Blessing by Friekmanndar

Turquoise Glass Pomegranate Blessing by Friekmanndar


Product Description

Did you ever see a turquoise colored pomegranate? It really does not matter. Even when it is turquoise, this stained glass pomegranate Home Blessing will hang on your wall and be a source of bounty, wisdom and fruitful results from all undertakings. In the center is written a warm Home Blessing in Hebrew. Another stained glass product from the renowned glass artist Friekmanndar.

Join the Israeli passion for pomegranates. Consumption is rising and over 65,0000 tons of fruit were produced this year for home and foreign market.


Artist: Friekmanndar
Made in Israel
Material: stained glass
Width: 3.9"/10 cm
Height: 5.1"/13 cm


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