Wood and Silver-plated Matchbox & Napkin Holder

Wood and Silver-plated Matchbox & Napkin Holder

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Product Description

After kindling the Shabbat lights, “hide” the matchbox in this wood and silver handsome holder. It will make a delightful accessory to your Shabbat candle tray. Alternatively, use it as a table decoration to hold napkins or birchonim. Makes a pretty adornment during the week too.



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Average rating: 1.0 / 5.0 based on 3 reviews

too narrow - not functional

only holds a couple of napkins so is pretty useless for the table.

incorrect description

I give this only 2 stars. It is very poor quality. There are marks of glue on the side and the silver plating fell off after only two weeks use. Also, it is obviously for Birchonim or Napkins not for matchboxes. So, please check your texts.

Low grade quality

Low grade quality. The silver plate was loose from the moment I opened the box and I expect to fall off soon. Glue marks were showing on the side.

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