Symbolic Pendants by Nano

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Symbolic Pendants by Nano

Symbols are as old as history – a picture, image or design is used to tell a story, convey feelings or commemorate a major milestone. Wear a symbolic piece of jewelry and you have a subtle mode of self-expression that conveys layers of meaning. Symbolic jewelry talks about power, love and strength. It conveys information on your beliefs, interests and concerns. It adorns and talks about you and to you!

The Israeli company Nano has added mystery and interest in symbolic jewelry pendants with its revolutionary new nano miniature style where the imprinted image and text are hardly visible to the naked eye. With every purchase comes a small magnifying glass for in-depth examination. Designs are available in silver, gold plate or gold.

At aJudaica you will find a full selection of Nano jewelry. Scroll through and enjoy their beauty. A favorite with all music lovers is the music pendant depicting a zirconia stone in a choice of delightful colors. On it, minutely engraved, is a symbolic musical clef with more motes on the side together with the evocative words, "Music is life!"

For the strong masculine man there is the million dollar pendant – symbol of strength and affluence.

The Tree of Life is a mystical Kabbalah symbol that gives man understanding of the universe and helps him reach his inner Divine self. Depicted minutely on the Nano pendant, it depicts wide-reaching roots and around it are Kabbalistic blessings.

The fairy symbol represents magic – hidden wishes for the impossible to happen, for the unattainable to be reached and the beauty of life to be preserved. Find the fairy image in a series of delightful colors. The fairy holds her magic wand and invites you to make a wish.

The pendant chains come in a choice of lengths. Every pendant is elegantly packed in a box making this a pleasure to give or receive.

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