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Home > Religious Articles > Mayim Achronim
When the Holy Temples stood in Jerusalem, the priests were required to wash their hands before performing their services there. This is comparable to the ritual washing of hands after a meal before reciting the Blessing after Meals, or "Mayim Achronim", so that our hands are clean and pure before reciting Gods name.

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Mayim Achronim

The unique feature in many of the Mayim Achronim holders is that once the hands are washed, it is necessary for the "used" water not to be on the table, therefore there is an ingenious method by which the water drains into the lower part of the bowl and is covered by placing the small cup on top of the whole, thereby enabling this decorative item to remain on the table for the duration. it is available in metal or wood, lacquered with colorful waterproof paints.

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