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Spa products by brand: Ahava | Mineral Care

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Dead Sea SPA Products

We firmly believe that every woman needs and deserves a spa experience. Until now, this meant high-cost spa treatments in beauty salons or vacation resorts. Today, aJudaica will help you to enjoy these treatments in your own home, at your own time and pace.

Our spa salts and scrubs contain minerals and valuable nutrients from the Dead Sea that relax and sooth aching muscles and nourish a wonderful sense of health and well-being. Scroll through our selection of vanilla, apple, lavender, eucalyptus, grapefruit or natural bath salts. Keep a selection on your bathroom shelf for that glamorous look. Whatever you choose, you will emerge from your bath with renewed energy and spirit. From time to time, we recommend a Body Scrub that penetrates deep into the pores and invigorates the skin. End your spa experience with a body butter massage or a body sorbet. Now is the time to indulge in a mineral mud mask that will deep cleanse the skin and clear away its debris and impurities.

Whichever product you purchase, you can be assured that all aJudaica’s spa products are of the highest quality, prepared by established and reputable cosmetic companies such as Ein Gedi, Ahava, Health and Beauty or Mineral Care. They have undergone rigorous testing and are known to be effective and beneficial for health, promoting a sense of physical and emotional well-being.

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