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Home > Holidays > Purim > Groggers
Groggers, or noisemakers are used in the synagogue during reading of Megillat Esther on Purim, whenever the name of the wicked "Haman" is mentioned. A fun gift!

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Purim Groggers

Gragger, sometimes pronounced grogger, is a noise maker used on Purim when the usual decorum of the Synagogue is disrupted as adults join children using their groggers to make noise whenever the name of the wicked Haman is mentioned during the reading of the Megilah. Haman, was a vicious anti-Semite who had a compulsive hatred of the Jews. Banging on the grogger and the noise can sometimes be deafening is a reminder of G-ds timeless protection of the Jewish people. As He saved us from the wicked Haman, so too we fervently believe that He will continue to provide divine protection.

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