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The wood mezuzah case is especially suitable for mezuzahs placed in bright, direct sunlight indoors, since it doesn't conduct heat. View our beautiful wooden mezuzah cover designs.

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Wood Mezuzah Covers

The main advantage of wood Mezuzah cases is that they don't conduct heat to the inner scroll and so are a favorite as Mezuzah covers.We offer a wide variety of cases, in dark and light wood. Some are simple and classic, and others are decorated with enamel, pewter, colored glass and various wood designs such as colorful mosaics. Some of these cases are enamelled or painted with lively designs, the Jerusalem one of course a favorite, and some lively flower designs enhance some of them, so they can be matched to a specific room decor or color. This is a customer favorite for the beauty of the product and also durability, being items which last and give pleaseure and protection for many years!

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