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Home > Kippot > Buchari Kippah
These unique kippot with their rich patterns and lively colors originate in the Bucharian Jewish community of Central Asia. It is said that the Jews of Buchara trace their origins to the Babylonian exile. A Buchari kippah makes a special and meaningful gift!

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Buchari kippah - Bucharian Yarmulkes

These stunning Kippot are lavishly decorated with ethnic designs, originating with the Bucharian community, and are extremely popular among many people. A favorite for kids, this Kippah doesn't fall of the head and is really cool, coming in a variety of background colors. Israeli artist Yair Emanuel took the idea one step further with his hand embroidered hats, lavishly decorated with Jewish themes, or righ portrayals of nature. These are also available in gold and silver embroideres on a rich white or cream background.

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