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According to Jewish law, one must ritually wash ones hands before eating bread and upon awakening in the morning. These ritual Netilat Yadayim, or Wash cups must be a certain size. When you order a Wash Cup on our website, you can be sure that it is the correct size according to Halachah, or Jewish law.

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Netilat Yadayim or Hand Wash Cups

The traditional Cup is made of metal with appropriate text, usually with the blessing said on hand washing. It has been joined by more au courant versions in acrylic and polyresin, in voguish colors and design, such as the silver lear, sunburst or Roman design. They are attuned to modern styles and can be matched to the home decor, let on a table or counter as a home decoration as well as a practical item. For those preferring the avant garde, the Agayof items have angular lines most pleasing to the eye and available in au courant hues such as turquoise, purple, silver and blue. Yair Emanuel has something for everyone, with the painted wood ones with Judaica themes, and additionally, the anodized aluminium ones in lustrous shades of silver, red, purple and blue.

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