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Tradition, tradition! Whether your custom is to use a Yemenite, Chabad, or Wool tallit, the famed Talitania company allows you to continue your tradition with these beautiful, quality Tallits, which come in a wide variety of sizes and colors.

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Traditional Tallit

These are the traditional Tallitot worn by various communities, some with a small tweak of the colors for a more contemporary feel. The Wool Tallit with a black stripe is the style worn for hundreds of years and comes in Chabad, Sefardic, Turkish and Yemenite versions. Continuing the range to more contemporary design is the Hermon with beautiful stripe color combinations, Hadar, Zion Paz in a shawl style with blue-gold or blue-silver stripes and Noy Tallit with styles of colorful stripes and designs. The Noy Tallit comes with a matching Kippah and Bag. The standard Silk Tallit is extremely elegant and beautiful, worn in shawl style over the shoulders, with long fringes. One extremely popular style is the acrylic Tallit, which looks like the wool one but due to the nature of the acrylic material, is much lighter and more comfortable. You can choose the best Tallit for yourself of as a stunning gift for your loved one.

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