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The tallit kattan serves as a garment for the tzitzis, as a constant reminder of our obligations to God and His commandments.

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Tallit Katan

The Tallit Katan is an undergarment with four carners, serving as a vehicle for wearing the Tzitzit, or ritual fringes on all four corners. They come in a variety of styles and materials, aiming for maximum comfort, in most cases. We feature the summer mesh material Tallit Katan which is very cool in hot weather. Also in our collection is the undershirt Arba Kanfos, which is worn as an undershirt and therefore eliminates the need for two layers of under clothing. For the most traditional, we have the wool Tallit Katan, which is made of pure wool and usually comes with handmade Tzitzit. Then, adorable small ones, for the three year old boy who is putting on his first Tallit Katan, with colorful illustrations.

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