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Star of David Pendants Collection

You'll find just the Star of David pendant you were looking for in our varied stock of silver, gold filled and handmade necklaces. Proudly wear your Star of David pendant or give a beautiful and meaningful gift to that special person! The large choice of pendants include quality gold filled ones, which keep their beautiful color and don't peel or flake. They come in a variety of styles, including blue enamel with zirconium, garnet, and multicolored stones. Some come in classic silver with or without elegant turquoise stones. You can pick the one which most suits your taste or that of your loved one.
The Star of David, Jewish Star, or Magen David is the most typical article of Jewish Jewelry, usually worn on a necklace. "Magen David" means shield of David. It is a Jewish symbol that has been in use at least since Babylonian times. The Star of David is part of the flag of the Zionist movement and the State of Israel. The six pointed star is the basis of many attractive designs.

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