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Home > Tefillin > Tefillin Dakkot
These Kosher Tefillin Dakkot made in Israel are made by stretching a thin layer of parchment over a base, forming the entire box and base, which is desirable according to Jewish law. The Tefillin are slightly more delicate and should be handled with care.

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Tefillin Dakkot or Dakkos

The Tefillin Dakkot are created by forming the box with a layer of parchment, not the usual pressed leather skin, so they are more fragile than the Gassot Tefillin. Care should be taken not to knock any one of the corners thus invalidating the Tefillin. They are Kosher Tefillin and come with a kashrut certificate from Mishmeret Stam, including a computer check for the writing on the parchment.

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