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Our Mezuzah scrolls are arranged by size and quality (Mehudar is translated as enhanced), you can choose between Ashkenaz tradition and Sephardic tradition. Comes with kosher certificate and 4 years warranty. We offer special prices for quantities.

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Mezuzah Scrolls, Klaf (in Hebrew)

The most important element of the Mezuzah is the scroll, or Klaf, which is rolled up and enclosed. There are levels of quality in writing, as each parchment is painstakingly written in hand calligraphy as prescribed by Halacha, or Jewish Law. Some scribes have a distinctive beautiful writing and take great care while writing each Mezuzah scroll. The difference between Ashkenaz and Sefardic scroll is one of custom, they are two distinctive styles of writing and have a different order of the paragraphs.

Ashkenazi or Sephardic Mezuzah Scroll?
Ashkenazi Jew is one whose ancestry can be traced to the Jews of Central and Eastern Europe.
Sephardic Jews includes most Jews of Middle Eastern (Arabic) and Persian background, whether or not they have any historical or ethnographic connection to the Iberian Peninsula.

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