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The artistic hand weaving studio of the famous Gabrieli family is tucked away among the narrow, winding streets of Old Jaffa. Each individual tallit is created from natural materials such as silk, wool and cotton, and is lovingly hand woven and prepared just for you!

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Gabrieli Tallit

Entering the Gabrieli workshop is like stepping into a time machine and setting the dial two hundred years back. Women industriously work on large hand looms with a great background clatter as they hand weave the Tallitot one by one, custom made per order. Each Tallit is different and unique althought adhering to a general color pattern and style, as the stunning creations emerge from the wooden loom. Using silk, wool or cotton, the Gabrieli family are famed for their adherence to quality and beauty. The Tallitot come with matching bag and kippah and are a favorite for Bar Mitzvah, Wedding and just for anyone who wants a quality and stunning product.

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