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Kippah Clips Collection

Are you losing your kippah? The wind blows, you are running or speeding on your bike and whoops Ė the kippah falls again. Itís time to use an aJudaica Kippah Clip! These not only hold the kippah to your head but also make a delightful decoration to put you ahead!

Hereís the choice. Kids love our pack of 12 aleph beit clips. Develop their individuality by letting them chose a different one each day. They also make delightful incentive prizes from parents, teachers or grandparents. For that special occasion, we have a clip with a striking aleph beit cube decoration. Teenagers love to demonstrate their support for Israel with an IDF clip showing the army emblem. A novel innovation for those who donít want anyone to know how their kippah remains firmly attached to their head is a package of Velcro Adhesive Fasteners that will do the job invisibly. Finally, if you want to remain with the traditional metal clips, we offer these too Ė in black or silver color in packages of one, twelve or fifty.

Whatever you decide, aJudaica will help you keep your kipah!

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