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Home > Gifts & Souvenirs > Candles > Havdala Candles
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Safed Round Pillar Havdalah Candle by aJudaica


Product Description

All eyes will be on this unusual candle as havdalah is recited. Handmade in Safed, it offers a blend of warm colors that make it into a welcome gift. If you have a positive upbeat nature, this is the Havdalah candle for you.
Havdalah requires wine, spices and a double-wick candle. Wine plays a major role in the life of the Jew and is used at the celebration of every milestone. It is customary to pour wine into the havdalah cup until it overflows a symbol of blessing for the coming week. If wine or grape juice is not available, other national beverages may be used but a halachic authority should be consulted for clarification.

Approximate burning time: 12-16 hours

- Item #: SG-H2X6
- Size: 5 x 15 cm / 2" x 6"
- brand : Safed candeles
- Made in Israel
- Kosher

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