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Home > Gifts & Souvenirs > Candles > Decorative Safed Candles
Home > Gifts & Souvenirs > Candles > Havdala Candles
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Safed Round Pillar Israeli Flag Havdalah Candle by aJudaica


Product Description

If you are a loyal Zionist, you will thoroughly enjoy this decorative Havdalah candle, handcrafted in Safed using non-drip Kosher wax. The wax displays the traditional blue and white flag of Israel with the Star of David in the center.
The history of the flag goes back to the World Zionist Organization that preceded the State of Israel. It adopted the flag in Basel in 1897 and it became accepted as the Zionist emblem. In May 1948, when the State of Israel was declared, the decision was made for it to become the official flag of the fledgling State.

- Item #: SG-H1
- Size: 5 x 15 cm / 2" x 6"
- Brand: Safed candles
- Type: Havdalah
- Hand Made
- Made in Israel

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