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Standard Tefillin Peshutim Sefaradi with free bag by aJudaica
Standard Tefillin Peshutim Sefaradi with free bag by aJudaica
 (11 reviews)


Product Description

Standard Tefillin Peshutim Sefaradi Yemenite version are mainly aimed at people on a tight budget. Although obviously Kosher, with the Parshiot written by a scribe, these Tefillin are made using several pieces of Tefillin that are glued together in order to form the inner compartments thereby relying on a number of leniences.

These Tefillin Peshutim are Kosher at the most basic level and are also the guaranteed lowest price that you'll find on the web for such a set.

Included with the Tefillin is a free, velvet Tefillin bag.

Important to know:
If you are right-handed you wear the Tefillin on the left arm whereas if you are left-handed you wear the Tefillin on the right arm.

- Item #: TEF-PSS
- Size: Sefaradi
- Come with free, velvet Tefillin Bag
- Made in Israel by Pe'er HaSTaM
- Kosher

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Average rating:    4.8 / 5.0 based on 11 reviews
Great Product!
By on 05/25/2015
Shipping was prompt and it arrived quickly. The product is of good quality and it will be an honor to use. I have absolutely no complaints!
Excellent Tefillin
By on 04/19/2015
Thank you so much or these beautiful tefillin. I live in a city where it's impossible to find tefillin. I thank the staff at Ajudaica.com for all their hard work in preparing and sending out my tefillin.
I feel very spiritual when I wear my tefillin. Thank you!!!
Standard Tefillin Peshutim Sefaradi with free bag well received
By on 07/24/2014
Considering they are Peshutim, kasher on the most basic level, I'm glad with this that is my second pair of Tefillin. The previous (that I have almost twelve years ago and were already used when I got) need to be replaced by these new ones. I wish I had bought Peshutim Mehudarim or Dakkot, but for the time being, I can't, yet.
Thank you for your service and treatment/costumer care!
Tefillin for Italy!
By on 03/20/2014
this is the second time that i order on ajudaica.com and i'm really happy for how ajudaica.com treats customers.
i bought tefillin,tallit,tallit katan and accessories for tefillin :)
really really happy to have find this store.
Tefillin for a low budget
By on 03/03/2014
This set of Tefillin it is for people with a low budget. It is a good set to start out with and was my first set. I got 3 years out of them so far but I want to get a higher quality set someday.
Well received
By on 04/25/2013
It is very well received my last purchase at Ajudaica. Very well treated.
Standard Tefillin Peshutim with free bag
By on 03/27/2013
nice product...nice service
This Tefilim are great
By on 03/05/2013
These tefelim i recomend they have been with me for the past 2 years and they are 100% kosher..
Long life Tefillim
By on 01/28/2013
Thanks for this one, are great Tephillim very affordable and by now have been with me around 3 years. I've just keep painting some bits of them eventually with the special tincture that you sell, but they continue in very good shape. I like them now more than when new in fact ;)

Thank you
By on 12/02/2012
Thank you for your great service and quality of your products. I am enjoying my Tefillin very much.
Thank you for your kindly service
By on 10/17/2012
I have just received the teffilin&tallit. They are so gorgeous and I cannot wait to use them. Thank you for your kindly service. I will purchase some new items from Ajudaica in the near future!(Daniel Zhou, China)

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