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This diverse collection of Jewelry has one thing in common - all the pendants connect to a Jewish theme, from the Western Wall to Kabbalah pendant for protection. Choose a meaningful necklace for yourself or as a significant gift for that special person!

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The most popular Jewish Jewelry is the star of david pendant, we offer wide variety in low prices.

Judaica Pendants

Many of the Jewish pendants have a quote from the Bible which makes it a meaningful item in the Jewish religion. Often the jewelry will have a phrase from the poetic Song of Songs composed by King Solomon or from Psalms written by that sweet singer of Israel, King David. Meaningful phrases such as, "....I am for my beloved and my beloved is for me", can express much more than words and make an exquisite gift. Other styles are the eye jewelry, which symbolize warding off the evil eye and are used as good luck pendants. Other styles include round pendants with a center stylized Shema Yisrael prayer in artistic shapes, adorable red enamel pomegranate pendants, Kabbalah necklaces and more.

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