360° Wrap-Around Red Sea to Mount Sinai Torah Mantel

360° Wrap-Around Red Sea to Mount Sinai Torah Mantel


Product Description

And now… a prestigious Torah mantel whose design wraps all the way around it- enjoy the embroidery both in front and in back!

Israeli designer Chana Gamliel's latest Torah mantel is full of life and movement! Stand back in awe as G-d splits the Red Sea for the Jews, and then gives them the Torah seven weeks later on mount Sinai. The mountain on this Torah mantel doubles as the Two Tablets with the Ten Commandments. Utterly breathtaking!

Hand-embroidered using lustrous duchesse satin appliques on a heavy textured drapery fabric, this is a Torah mantel that will inspire a moving sermon!

Note: This Torah mantel will be 100% custom-made for you. Chana will personally harmonize your dedication text with the embroidered design to create a completely tailor-made masterpiece.


SKU: CGM-TM-MO-001-360
Size: Custom

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Special Features

Hebrew / English embroidery on Mantle, price per letter
You may choose to write either in Hebrew or English or both

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