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The velvet Torah Mantle covering the Torah Scroll in the synagogue is majestic and impressive. You can order your mantle with personalized embroidery honoring or commemorating individuals, for a place of honor in your synagogue.

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When you next visit the Synagogue on Shabbat, watch carefully as the Sefer Torah is carefully taken out of the Ark and slowly taken to the bimah – the central table. As it is carried along the aisle, many, as an expression of love and commitment to the holy Torah, will stoop to kiss the Mantle, the Scroll’s covering, or they will lightly touch it with the tzizit on their Tallit and then kiss the tzitzit.

The cover around the scroll is known as a mantle, a derivative from the Yiddish for coat or cloak. In Hebrew it is called a me’il – a coat. Used in the Bible it refers to a splendid garment – an appropriate term for a covering for the Torah scroll.


The Torah scroll is precious and valuable and is intrinsic to the identity of the Jewish People. Like a priceless diamond, it is not to be treated casually and it should certainly not be left exposed and vulnerable. Every Torah scroll that stands in the Ark is covered with a beautiful Mantle. It is removed before the Reading and returned again to cover the scroll before it is replaced in the Ark. A Mantle protects and adds beauty to the scroll and reflects our deep love and respect for the Torah.


Just as a woman will go to endless effort to sew for herself the most beautiful dress for that special occasion, so too our Torah Mantle is the Torah’s robe and we spare no expense or consideration to ensure that it is beautiful and fitting and the best quality. This is an extension of “Hidur Mitzvah,” beautifying the mitzvahs through adding an aesthetic dimension. This increases respect, appreciation and love for the mitzvot and all their accessory items.


After years of experience in this field, we have found that what is most important for anyone purchasing a Torah Mantle is - quality material, superior embroidery and personalized service that gives priority to flexibility, patience and individualized care. Since this is your mantle for your Synagogue, it is essential that you feel connected to its preparation and that you are involved in all the details – the design, the color scheme, the dedication and of course the measurements. Obviously, you are not personally present during the embroidery, so it is important that you purchase your mantle from a reliable company that has a rock-solid reputation for integrity, personal service and quality.


Because aJudaica stands by all the above criteria. We have established an unparalleled reputation for quality Torah mantles at competitive prices. Hundreds of aJudaica Mantles adorn Torah scrolls all over the world. At aJudaica, once a customer, always a customer and over the years, many return for repeat orders.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility. Study the designs on-line to guide you on the choice of styles and color schemes. There are the classical themes: Crown of Torah, Menorah, Tablet of the Ten Commandments, Lion of Judah. There are Biblical verses above and floral decorations below. For a more contemporary style, have a look at our Mantle dramatically incorporating the words Shema Yisrael in a flame. Responding to many requests from Kabbalah groups and Synagogues, we offer a selection of mantles featuring powerful Kabbalistic themes and symbols.

We recommend that you call our experienced and knowledgeable staff to discuss your preferences and concerns. They will help you accurately measure the Torah scroll so that the Mantle will be the perfect fit. They will also recommend the color of the threads appropriate for the design of your choice. Feel free to discuss with them any changes you wish to make to the design or the color scheme so that it will be personalized and suitable for your Synagogue. The dedication text is usually added at the front. It can be in Hebrew or English and of course, we will guide you if you would like an appropriate translation. Our goal – to make sure that you feel this is “My Mantle”!

By the way, an added asset. Our Mantles are not mass produced abroad. Each one is personally sewn and embroidered here in Israel. Our seamstresses are all G-d fearing devout women who feel honored to prepare a Mantle for the sacred Sefer Torah and they will often utter holy prayers as they work. So, you can feel reassured that spiritually and materially, an aJudaica Mantle is a special item to treasure and cherish.


We like to hear from our customers after they have received their Mantle and of course we are thrilled when they send us a picture displaying their new Mantle covering the Sefer Torah scroll.

Some years ago, a customer from Europe order a Torah Mantle in honor of his grandchildren and the dedication text at the base listed their names. Recently, he walked into our office holding the Mantle. He had been blessed with more grandchildren and he wished to add their names to the text. We did an express job for him since he was leaving in two days. He told us that he could not tell the difference between the old and new embroidery!

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