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Throughout the ages, Jews have had respect for the written word. Books add color and spice to the home and are a stimulus for the mind and soul. They make a wonderful gift for children and of course, they are a never-fail Bar Mitzvah gift that will often be enjoyed by the entire family too!


In this selection, Ajudaica offers serious and entertaining reading material in Hebrew and English for all ages. If you are looking for something serious you will enjoy our Tefillin and Bar Mitzvah book, a translation of the well-known Hebrew classic. We also offer a comprehensive guide to the Shemitah year and a book to grace your Shabbat table with the blessing, prayers, and Kiddush recited for those special days – with full English translation. “Taryag Tales”, a seven-volume set with stories on the 613 Mitzvot is the English translation of another classic. The popular “What Did You Say?” by Jerusalem Prize recipient Rabbi J. Simcha Cohen, offers tips and techniques for developing vital communication and inter-personal relationship skills and “Nature’s Wealth” will put you on the road to good health. Children and adults will adore our 3D books in Hebrew and English describing the wonders of the world and the beauty of Jerusalem. The best-selling “Foundations” by Chief Rabbi Israel Meir Lau presents an uplifting guide to Jewish faith and observance.


For the People of the Book, as King Solomon said (Kohelet 12:12) – “Making many books has no end!”

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