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Collection of Mezuzot cases and Kosher Scrolls

Shop for quality Mezuzah scrolls and cases, choose from traditional design to the ultramodern, using materials such as wood, glass, aluminium and pewter.

What is a Mezuzah?
It is a small parchment scroll on which are inscribed specific Biblical verses. This is rolled and inserted in a case that is then affixed within the top third on the right hand side of the entrance to every room in the home. It is an expression of a Jew’s identity and loyalty and his faith in the G-d’s trustful protection. Many touch it when they enter a room and then kiss their fingers - a reassuring reminder of the Divine presence hovering over the home.

At aJudaica, we have a special room where scribes ply their ancient craft with quills and ink, on parchment. The words are painstakingly written using the techniques commanded for creating these holy Mezuzah Scrolls, prepared by size and quality as per your order.

The source is the Biblical verse “Write them on the door posts of your homes and your gates.” From these terse words, rabbinic law has established hundreds of detailed regulations specifying how the scroll should be prepared. A G-d fearing Jewish scribe, fully conversant with the laws, painstakingly writes the 22 lines of the text on kosher parchment using a kosher quill. The text has 713 letters and before the parchment receives a kashrut certificate, every letter will be thoroughly checked to ensure that it is in the correct formation.

Sadly, in recent years, the market has been flooded with fraudulent scrolls that are totally invalid. So, it is important to purchase from recognized dealers only. Make sure that the scroll carries an authentic certificate confirming that it meets all the specifications of Jewish law. Every one of aJudaica’s wide collection of quality scrolls is prepared in strict accordance with Jewish law and has a certificate testifying to its Kashrut. Our satisfied customers include the Knesset (Israeli parliament) and major Israeli companies such as Bezek Communication.

What is a Mezuzah case?

Throughout the ages, Jews have always honored the precious parchment with an attractive case that adds beauty to the home. The verse, “This is my G-d and I will beautify Him” is interpreted to mean that religious objects should be attractive and aesthetically pleasing. Enclosing the scroll in an attractive case is a reflection of our awareness of the importance of this Mitzvah and its vibrant spiritual message.

We invite you to browse through aJudaica’s collection of cases. You will find something for every pocket and taste. Sizes range from the small to extra-large. For those with a limited budget, there is a huge ion of pretty low-cost cases in a variety of colors and shades. If you are looking for an exclusive design, examine the selection of exquisite cases designed by famous Judaica artists such as Dorit Judaica, Caesaria Arts, Tzuki or Adina Plastelina to name but a few. We offer cases of wood, stone, pewter, aluminum or precious metals. Enjoy our line of trendy cases with children’s styles. You will notice that most cases have the Hebrew letter shin etched on the front of the case. Others incorporate other Jewish motifs - pictures of Jerusalem, Blessing for the Home or the High Priest’s Breastplate.

The variety is endless – an expression of the love and devotion Jews lavish on every holy object. We warmly recommend the purchase of a Mezuzah case to present to a friend, relative or acquaintance. Since the affixing of the scroll on a new home or office is usually followed by a celebration, it is a beautiful and meaningful Housewarming gift. May it continue to connect every Jewish person to our long chain of tradition bringing beauty and depth to every room where it is affixed.


It is related in the Talmud that some sixty years after the destruction of the Second Temple when the wicked Roman Empire ruled Israel, Jews were persecuted and anyone observing Mitzvot was trampled underfoot. At that time, the royal prince, Onkelos, nephew of the hated emperor Hadrian, fled from the Roman court of wealth and luxury, converted to Judaism and spent his days studying Torah.

When Hadrian discovered that his nephew had betrayed him, he was furious. He sent a group of soldiers to bring him in chains to Rome. Onkelos’s pure heart and sincere words made such a deep impression on them that they converted to Judaism. The emperor sent another group of soldiers and they too, overcome by the lofty soul of Onkelos, also converted. In desperation, Hadrian sent a third group of soldiers forbidding them to engage in any discussion with Onkelos. They faithfully obeyed but as they led Onkelos in chains out of his home and saw how he joyfully kissed the mezuzah, they could not resist asking him in astonishment to explain why he was so happy when he was being led to a certain death.

Onkelos replied, “When a human king sits in his royal palace, there are platoons of soldiers at the gates and at every door, standing guard, ready to pay with their lives to protect his royal highness. In contrast, look at the protection provided by the King of Kings, the A-mighty Himself. We, His servants, sit quietly inside our homes and He protects us from outside through the scroll that we affix to the entrance of every room. We kiss it when we enter and when we leave and we are sheltered with His royal shield. Should I not feel joy with such a safeguard!” The soldiers were so convinced by these heartfelt words that they too converted and became disciple of Onkelos.

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