Round "Home Blessing" Pewter Mezuzah

Round "Home Blessing" Pewter Mezuzah

12cm / 5"

Product Description

Here is an impressive silver colored Mezuzah case of pewter. Along the front is written “Birchat HaBayit”, a prayer for the home to be showered with good health, success and joy in all areas of endeavor. The letter “shin” in the center represents the name of G-d – a reminder that all earthly blessings emanate from Him.

This Mezuzah, made in Israel, has a ten year guarantee. It can be attached to the wall with the double sided tape that is provided or with screws in the holes at the top and bottom.

Note: the size given here refers to the size of the Mezuzah scroll that is appropriate for this case. The Mezuzah case itself is usually 1” larger.


SKU: SG-121731
Size: 12cm / 5"
Material: Pewter
Made in Israel

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Check parchment measurements

Wow! Ajudaica is on top of things. I really appreciated that you called and told me that the parchment I had ordered was too big for the Mezuzah case.

Well crafted mezuzah cover

It is a very well crafted and beautiful mezuzah

Great Quality

Nicer than expected! Seems like good quality workmanship on a beautiful piece. It is just a bit excessive in my studio apartment.

Home blessing pewter mezuza

very nice mezuzah case, it was meant to be put up on the doorpost of my office, when we received this my wife liked it so much that she made me get some more for our house.

Pewter Mezuzah

It is so nice to have a secure website to order items direct from Israel. The pewter Mezuzah is beautiful. I am very pleased with all aspects of, especially the ease of finding items to purchase, checkout, and receiving the items quickly and in good order.

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