12 Tribe Breastplate Pewter Mezuzah

By Sty-IL
12 Tribe Breastplate Pewter Mezuzah

12 Tribe Breastplate Pewter Mezuzah

By Sty-IL
12cm / 5"

Product Description

This elegant Mezuzah case is one of our top sellers. Made in Israel, it is waterproof and comes with a ten year guarantee. In the center, across horizontal lines, the Hebrew letter “shin” is embossed – a reference to the Divine name of G-d. At the base is a model of the holy Breastplate worn by the High Priest that contained twelve precious stones inscribed with the names of the twelve tribes of Israel, through which the High Priest received G-d’s prophetic message to convey to the People.

The case opens at the top and the bottom for easy insertion of the parchment. It is easily attached to the doorpost of your choice either with the double sided tape provided or insert screws in the holes at the top and bottom of the Mezuzah case.

Note: the size given here refers to the size of the Mezuzah scroll that will fit this case. The actual Mezuzah case is usually 1” larger.


SKU: SG-12890
Size: 12cm / 5"
Type: Mezuzah case
Materials: Pewter
Made in Israel

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