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Embark on a spiritual journey with aJudaica's Kabbalah Jewelry. Our pieces are more than just accessories; they're spiritual anchors, drawing on ancient mysticism to bring protection, prosperity, and peace into your life. From necklaces and bracelets to unique Kabbalah rings and pendants, each piece is a meaningful symbol steeped in Jewish tradition. Various words and letters serve to strengthen certain traits, such as health, love, success and more. Explore our collection and find a spiritual touchstone that speaks to you.

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Showing 1-32 out of 181 items

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Kabbalah Jewelry Guide

Kabbalah fashion jewelry is trendy, upbeat and always appropriate – whether for afternoon or evening wear, for the office or beach, for lounging at home or for that special elegant occasion. Wherever you are, whatever you do, man or woman – there is a piece of kabbalah jewelry that is appropriate for your personality, your needs and your inner potential.

Ajudaica presents a vast selection. Scroll through our wide range of bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces, all made by well-known designers of the highest reputations. When you buy Kabbalah jewelry on our website, you can be sure of a top quality item that will give immense pleasure for many years and will imbue you with inner strength and spiritual energy.

Ha’ari is well-known and popular producer of Kabbalah jewelry. As you scroll through his exclusive collection, you will enjoy exquisite connoisseur jewelry that is awe-inspiring and breathtakingly beautiful. The items are made at specific hours, on certain days – in accordance with Kabbalah specifications. Semi-precious stones, each one with its individual hidden mystical energy, are carefully chosen to inspire, enrich and help bring meaningful content to life. A gift of Ha’ari Jewelry is a gift of long-lasting love.

Less costly Kabbalah items are presented by Golan Studio. Golan, an avid Kabbalah student, brings to the jewelry he creates a deep devotion and passion for combining adornment with mysticism. He personally engraves every item. So, they all carry his personal stamp of enthusiasm and spiritual energy. Another artist, Iris, presents us with lively cheerful bangles, engraved with precious Kabbalah letter combinations. They will bring you lots of compliments.

Most items of Kabbalah jewelry seek to bring protection from negative influences. Many quote verses and mantras that are well-known and are part of the prayer book. The Star of David and Hamsa are always popular symbols. Other Kabbalah references incorporated in the jewelry include the Circle of Life Tree, the 72 Names of G-d, the blessing of the Priests, the Ten Sefirot, Ana Bekoach prayer and many other blessings and combinations of words and prayers. All have deep mystical significance and express a yearning for happiness, true love, resolving of conflict and the wish to achieve positive change in life.

Kabbalah jewelry is rich with mystical significance and at the same time, it is also attractive and deeply flattering. When you buy an item of Kabbalah jewelry from aJudaica, you know that you are combining beauty of the body and soul, bringing together splendor and spiritual elevation.

Our Kabbalah jewelry collection is a gateway to the mystical, offering you a unique way to stay spiritually connected while also wearing beautifully crafted pieces. From the 72 Names of God to intricate Ana Bekoach prayers, each item carries a profound meaning.

Kabbalah Necklaces - A Spiritual Embrace

Carry the spiritual wisdom of Kabbalah close to your heart with our range of Kabbalah necklaces. Whether it's a Star of David pendant or a Tree of Life, these pieces serve as constant reminders of faith and protection.

Kabbalah Bracelets - Woven with Blessings

Our Kabbalah bracelets, including the famed red string bracelet, are powerful amulets. Infused with blessings and prayers for prosperity and protection, they're not just jewelry but a spiritual shield.

Protection and Prosperity with Kabbalah Rings

Encircle yourself with spiritual strength with our Kabbalah rings. Engraved with sacred symbols and prayers, these rings are potent reminders of the divine forces that guide and protect us.

Gift the Gift of Spiritual Connection

Looking for a meaningful gift that transcends the ordinary? Our Kabbalah jewelry is the perfect choice, offering not just physical beauty but also spiritual significance, making them thoughtful presents for any occasion.

Handcrafted Kabbalah Treasures

Each piece of our Kabbalah jewelry is a handcrafted treasure, made with dedication and attention to detail. Using materials like 925 sterling silver and gold, we ensure every piece is a durable work of art.

The Power of Amulets - Kabbalah Pendants

Our Kabbalah pendants are more than accessories; they're amulets, each imbued with specific blessings and protective powers, from the Evil Eye to the 72 Names of God, serving as your personal spiritual guardians.

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