Silver Mezuzah Pendant Holy Names of God by Golan Studio

Silver Mezuzah Pendant Holy Names of God by Golan Studio

0.3" X 1.4"

Product Description

A fantastic sterling silver pendant that will be an instant conversation item. It will enhance your outfit and add spiritual meaning to your life. Study the small Mezuzah case and you will see that around it are engraved the 72 names of G-d. Wearing it is a reminder of the Divine potential that lies within each person and the spiritual resources that you can tap into any time. The Mezuzah case has a small opening for you to insert a special note or amulet.

The 72 names of G-d are a mystical Kabbalah tool that has its roots in the Biblical account of the Jews miraculous crossing of the Red Sea. Each name denotes a different spiritual aspect of G-dís holiness and strength.

The chain is a separate item. See options for choice of sizes


SKU: GS-0103
Size: 0.3" X 1.4"
Artist: Golan Studio
Made in Israel
Material: Sterling Silver

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