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Yarmulkes Kippah for Sale

In English, it’s called a skullcap, in Hebrew a kipah, and in Yiddish, the word is a kappel or yarmulke. Whatever name you use, it refers to the Jewish male head covering.

Halachah dictates that a man may not walk four steps without a head covering and of course it is forbidden to make a blessing, study Torah, recite prayers, eat or perform any mitzvah if the head is not covered. The kippah, as it is called in Israel, is introduced from a young age. Some place a cap on the infant at his brit, others wait until about the age of two and in many families, he begins to wear it at the age of three when his locks are shorn and he becomes a “big boy”.

One of the reasons advanced for covering the head is that it strengthens fear of Heaven and is a constant reminder that there is something higher than human intellect which is represented by the head. The cap stands the Jew apart. There is a visible sign that he is different and this demands of him to behave and speak as befits a Jew. It is the Jewish badge of honor to be worn with pride and joy.

Throughout the ages, Jews were willing to suffer rather than walk bareheaded. In recent times, Jews have struggled with the military and courts of law in order to be granted the elementary right to wear their skull cap. Many new returnees to Jewish observance comment that it was difficult to wear their head covering in public for the first time but once they wore it with pride, it was respected by their friends and co-workers.

Wherever Jews settled in their long exile they continued to faithfully observe Jewish law but in every country, there were different customs, each with their own style and flavor. The Jewish head covering is no exception. To this day, it has a social significance and it is often possible to identify the community or group a Jew belongs to by the style and size of his head covering.

Ajudaica takes pride to present to its readers a wide range of head coverings – displaying a variety of sizes, fabrics, types and styles. We warmly recommend you to browse through the selection. Even if you are not planning to make a purchase, it is a worthwhile experience to see the choice of head coverings that are available. Enjoy our rich cultural heritage. Like us, you will sure admire some of the magnificent head coverings produced by Israel’s leading Judaica artists.

The selection of aJudaica includes large smooth black Kippot worn by the Orthodox community made made from cotton or terylene. Most have simple classic designs but there are many with embroidered verses around the edge. Look at the velvet head coverings. They come in a wide choice of colors and embroidered designs. There is a huge choice of knitted Kippot that can be plain or colored. They can also sport Star of David, Menorah designs or even the symbol of your favorite baseball team. Stroll into our ethnic head covering section and you will be blown by the bright and colorful variety of Bukkarian caps – a favorite of Jews everywhere. The Yemenite Kippot are also popular and their snug fit on the head makes them an all-time favorite. If you are looking for a head covering for a festive occasion, look at our choice of satin Kippot – also available with the option of personalization. These make beautiful mementos to present to your guests. Don’t forget the frik Kippot favored by Breslav youth although Jews of all affiliations enjoy them.

If you do not find what you are looking for contact us. We will be honored to help you make your choice so that you will feel “ahead” in every way!

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