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What is a kippah?

A kippah, a round skullcap worn by a Jew, is a statement of commitment, expressing awareness that G-d is above. Indeed, the popular word for kippah in Yiddish is "yarmulke" which is explained as a derivative from the Aramaic words "yira malka" awe of the king. In Talmudic times, wearing a kippah was not binding but over the ages, it has become universally accepted in all communities.

At what age do boys begin to wear a kippah?

Usually, boys start wearing a kipah after their first hair cut at the age of three when they also begin to wear tzitzit although some families put a kipah on an infant from after the brit, keeping it securely tied with two strings on either side. It often takes time for a child to become accustomed to their kippah. Be reassured. Eventually, it will become so much part of them that they will feel uncomfortable without it.

What does aJudaica offer?

Scroll through our selection of children’s kippot. They come in various sizes and styles. There is the classic velvet design with a geometric pattern along the border. If you want a more playful contemporary touch, enjoy our colorful kippot displaying pictures from the world of children – aleph beit letters or blocks, sports, balls or trains, cars or planes. Whilst you are browsing, look through our selection of Buchari, Frik, knitted or Suede Kippot and others. The smaller sizes are suitable for children.

We also offer special kippah clips to keep the kippah firmly attached to your head even when you run, do sport or ride your bicycle. Don’t forget that we can embroider your name in Hebrew or English letters on the Kippah of your choice for a nominal fee. Call us for advice regarding spelling of name.

On your head – In your heart!

When your child wears an aJudaica kippah, he will feel proud of his Jewish headgear and the message it carries. It will promote his sense of well-being and positively strengthen feelings of Jewish identity. So, keep your Kipah on your head and in your heart.

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