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The Israeli army (IDF, Tzahal) is a source of pride to the Jewish people and security for Israel. Show your admiration for the modern Jewish heroes with an IDF T shirt, IDF cap, emblems of the world renowned IAF Israeli air force, and of legendary IDF commandos and fighting units such as Duvdevan and Kfir.

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Showing 1-32 out of 145 items

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Israel Army items

These items of Israel Army memorabilia make fantastic gifts and mementos. The caps are comfortable and represent diverse army, navy and airforce units. The IDF dogtag replicas come in attractive copper or pewter colors and feature such insignias as paratrooper units, sometimes combined with a dove of peace of hamsa with a Traveler's prayer on the reverse side. The bullet pendants are equally decorated with emblems from elite Zahal units and are a real conversation piece. Enjoy quality home entertainment DVD's with comprehensive covering of the Wars of Israel and many proud moments in the history of the army. The compact cellphone charms, keychains and lapel pins will enable you to proudly sport these symbols of IDF units. Of course, the great favorite as always, IDF T-shirts sporting insignias from the Givati, Golani, Special Forces and Airforce units which are customized for color and size. For party favors or kid's activity prizes, you can distribute the IDF pens with Traveler's prayer in English or Hebrew.

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