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You'll always remember Israel and Jerusalem with these beautiful quality house decorations! A perfect gift for your loved one!

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Showing 1-32 out of 93 items

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Jewish House Decorations

We invite you to stroll through our category of home decorations and enjoy the wide choice of items and designers. They are all of the finest quality made from a variety of materials. Many are functional as well as beautiful. Most are designed and handcrafted in Israel. A “Made in Israel” decoration is always a meaningful expression of your loyalty to Israel.

Let’s start with floor coverings. For style, color and atmosphere there is nothing like a Kakadu floor mat. We offer a huge selection of square or round mats – all made from wood and hand-crafted in the Kakadu rural studio in Israel. The colors and designs are vivid and powerful and their evocative designs will have everyone bending over to examine and admire your floor art!

If you are looking to brighten up a plain wall, we have lots of options. There are low-cost Shalom plaques – made from ceramics or olive wood. Jerusalem is never far from the heart of a Jew and this popular theme is expressed in a choice of wall plaques of metal or silver plate. If you appreciate sculpture, scroll through the inspirational art of Tzuki, a leading Israeli artist who is becoming an international figure of renown.

Maybe you are looking to dress up a shelf. Enjoy our paper weights featuring a Star of David, Jerusalem or the Israeli flag. Why not add the stunning pomegranate ornaments, hand-crafted from the earth of Israel by ceramic artist Michal Ben Yosef. A framed tribute to your Eishet Chayil will always be acceptable. Key Holders are also an opportunity to inject Jewish character into your home. Yealat Chen combines her key holder with a home blessing. Others have a Jerusalem theme.

A must for every Jewish home is a Mizrach sign indicating the wall to be faced when praying. Friekmanndar have transformed this simple sign into a work of art with pieces of glass, hand painted in exquisite shades and fused together using a special technique.

Why not let your decorations entertain and bring a smile to your guests? Israeli designer ArtOri specializes in creating decorations that are positively distracting and spark amused interest. His lifelike cats lounge on shelves and his birds have dangling tails that will hold your keys.

Well-known artist Shraga Landesman offers a series of delicate wall hangings formed from quality brass and featuring well known verses and saying. He also has beautiful pomegranate designs on birch wood background. His art items will bring beauty and prestige to any home.

We hope that aJudaica will help to make your home attractive and comfortable, an expression of your personality, creativity and values. Our decorations will give your home character, transforming it from a house to a Jewish home.

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