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Hebrew Bible with Translation into various languages.

What was the first book to be printed? What is the most published and translated book in the world? The answer is – the Bible, book of the Jews.

The Jewish Bible, known as “Tanach” is an acronym for the initial letters of its three volumes Torah, Neviim (Prophets) and Ketuvim (Scriptures). Known in the world as the Old Testament, the Bible is the Jews’ greatest gift to mankind. It has inspired and transformed individuals, communities and governments. It has raised the dignity of human beings and brought a message of freedom to mankind.

A book of such magnitude is a must for every Jewish home. AJudaica presents a selection of Bibles with translations into foreign languages. You will surely find amongst them the Bible that meets your need and interest.

For students, Rabbis or teachers there is a single volume Bible with Hebrew text only. This is an important reference tool – vital when you want to look up a verse or check a reference.

For our growing family of Spanish speaking customers, we offer a two-volume Bible with Spanish translation. A charming addition is the special page added at the back of the second volume for those who wish to follow the ancient Jewish custom of recording for posterity important family tree information such as dates and names of births, marriages and deaths.

Responding to requests, we have included in our selection a three volume Bible translation into Russian. Many years were spent preparing and editing the translation to ensure that it was both accurate and understandable.

For native French speakers, there is a Bible with a full translation into French.

We offer a number of English translations – the Hebrew text with facing translation. Prominent amongst them is the Koren Edition, well-known for its elegant font, clear legible layout and the addition of explanatory maps and other information.

The weekly Parshah becomes vivid and meaningful for children – and adults - when it is explained with stories and parables. Our illustrated stories in Hebrew have been especially written for children and adults too.

We warmly recommend Taryag Tales, a classic written by Rabbi M. Frankel. Based on the 613 mitzvot, the five volumes are packed with stories and anecdotes divided according to the Parshiot of the Torah. This book is a must for youth leaders, teachers or parents.

The Bible was and still is the world’s bestselling book. Whether it is used for study, for reference or study, proudly display it on your bookshelf - an affirmation of pride in Jewish identity and a visible expression of belief in the eternity and spiritual strength of the Jewish nation.

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