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Showing 1-32 out of 554 items

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Kosher Tallit Prayer Shawls from Israel

If we had to choose a single garment that symbolizes Jewish strength and identity, it would surely be the Jewish Tallit.

This large ritual garment, worn during morning prayers, wraps around the body like a cloak. Many have the custom to begin wearing it from the age of Bar Mitzvah. Others start only after marriage. However, even if a person is not married or was not praying, he will don it when called up for the Torah Reading. Of course, on Yom Kippur, it is worn throughout the day.

Its vital feature is the ritual fringes – the tzizit attached to the four corners. The source is the Biblical command; "They shall make for themselves fringes on the corners of their garments" (Numbers 15:38-39). There are specific halachic stipulations regarding the knotting and tying of these tzizit and it is important to check them regularly.

Tallit for Sale

In keeping with our commitment to provide our world-wide family with quality products and impeccable service, aJudaica offers a wide collection of Jewish prayer shawls without compromising value, durability and beauty. Our vast knowledge and experience is put to the service of our customers. We stand behind every item. When you purchase a prayer shawl through aJudaica, you have a guarantee for excellence.

Browse through our website and enjoy the wide variety of options. Choose between wool, silk or cotton fabric. the size that is most comfortable for you. Decide on the color of the stripe – traditional black or blue or any other color. There is a choice of handmade fringes - depending on your custom and life-style. You can ties these alone or ask our experts to do this for you. Another option is the special blue techelet thread. Most of our models also offer the possibility of personalized embroidery.

We serve as an outlet for leading companies in this field. Check through our huge collection from the prestigious Talitania Company. Gabrieli’s silk prayer shawls are outstandingly beautiful. The stunning craftsmanship and exquisite color designs of Rickmat Elimelech are a feast for their eyes. If you are looking for something exclusive and prestigious, we recommend Yair Emanuel’s hand-stitched designs with his hallmark blend of colors and styles.

To complete the shopping experience – finding all your tallit needs at one address - aJudaica offers a complete range of accessories. You may opt for personalized embroidery. Or you can add a Tallit bag or clips or a protective plastic bag. There is also the option of a matching kipah. Whether you order a single item or combine it with accessories, aJudaica will give your order its personalized attention.

At aJudaica, our finger is always on the pulse, searching for new ideas and innovations. A recent addition to our stock is the t-shirt with attached tzitzit – great for sport fans and a boon in the hot summer. And whilst you are on the site, don’t miss those pretty tallit katan garments for the three year old toddlers.

In conclusion – the Tallit is the Jew’s uniform to be worn with pride and joy. May all your prayers soar to Heaven.

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