Choose from our extensive variety of Tallitot, Tallit Katan and Tzitzit, from traditional wool to contemporary colorful designs - all fully Kosher certified.

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Showing 1-32 out of 560 items

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Before you buy a new Tallit, stroll through our website and enjoy the handwork of Israel's leading Judaica artists. Enjoy the variety of colors, designs and fabrics. You will find traditional and modern, classic and contemporary, low cost and luxurious - a tallit for sale for every pocket, style and taste. Our Tallit Guide will help you with the measurements to determine the right size.

Our office staff will be happy to help you any time. We stand by our products and you can always be sure of customer satisfaction. The vast majority of our customers are buying for the second time and more – a statistic that speaks worlds about our integrity and the quality of our service.

So that you can be an informed customer, we have put together some general information on the Tallit. We hope that this will add a new dimension of knowledge and understanding and perhaps, it will provide some spiritual inspiration too!


The source of wearing a tallit is the Torah commandment to wear tzitzit (fringes) on a garment's corners. In the times of the Sages, this was no problem since a four-cornered cloak was the standard garment. However, with changes in clothing styles, it was ruled to wear during the day a short Tallit Katan, and for prayers to wear a full length four-cornered shawl called Tallit Gadol.


A Tallit Katan, a small tallit, is worn over or under the shirt. A child usually starts at the age of three. For this age group, we have an attractive selection decorated with fun designs. Our adults' Tallit Katan are made from wool, cotton or mixed fabric, with or without attached tzitzit. An exciting innovation in recent years is the T-shirt and undershirt Tallit Katan – popular for campers, hikers or for those suffer from summer heat.


The Tallit Gadol, prayer shawl, is mainly worn for prayer when, wrapped in the tallit, man communicates with his Creator. Although wool is preferable, cotton, silk and mixed fabrics are allowed. The traditional style is plain with black and white stripes. Depending on tradition, some start to wear a Tallit Gadol at their bar mitzvah; others only after their marriage.

If you are a more modern Jew and are looking for a contemporary style Tallit Gadol, you will find a huge choice on our website from Israel's leading designers. There are lively colorful designs in a range of fabrics. Many incorporate Jewish motifs and Hebrew texts. Whatever the design, kosher tzitzit must be attached to the four corners. We offer an option for personalizing your tallit by embroidering your name.

There is also on our website a vibrant selection of feminine prayer shawls, created for women in wide choice of silk, nylon, organza fabrics and colorful artistic designs.


After finishing your prayers, the shawl is carefully folded and stored in a special Tallit Bag. This will keep it clean and protected and is an expression of respect for such a holy item. There are hundreds of Tallit Bags on our website – a fabulous choice of designs, fabrics and styles. Many come with matching smaller bags to hold your tefillin (prayer phylacteries). They can be personalized with the addition of a name, embroidered in Hebrew or English.


We do not deny that you many find a tallit online being offered at a considerably cheaper price than on our website. We respectfully remind you that most of aJudaica's Tallitot are made in Israel by Jewish hands – a great asset when we are talking about holy ritual items. And of course, you have the firm aJudaica reputation as your guarantee. However, if you have a query regarding the cost of an item, just give us a call and we will check it out.


  • Tallit – called Tallis by Ashkenazi Jews. The equivalent plural is Tallitot or Talleisim.
  • Tzitzit (fringes) – called Tzitzis by Ashkenzi Jews. There are very specific requirements for preparing kosher tzitzit and this should only be done by someone well versed in the laws. Many tzitzit come with a Kashrut certificate
  • Techeilet or techeiles – the traditional blue thread added to the tzitzit. This is an optional addition for those who have the tradition.
  • Atarah – neckpiece (yoke) of the tallit that is placed on the head. This is often decorated with words from the Tallit blessing
  • Brachah – blessing. A special blessing is recited when donning the tallit. Words from this blessing are often embroidered in Hebrew on the atarah

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