Talitnia Wool Tallit Kosher Prayer Shawl - Blue and Silver Stripes

By Talitnia

Talitnia Wool Tallit Kosher Prayer Shawl - Blue and Silver Stripes

By Talitnia
$46.32 - $105.33
  • Made in Israel by Talitania, 100% kosher with certificate.
  • In stock! Usually Leaves Warehouse within 24 hours.
  • Comes with certified standard white kosher tzitzit tied onto the four corners
  • The Atarah (neckband) with blessing in Hebrew
  • Tallit comes in a handy plastic slipcase and has original tag attached

Product Description

The classic Talitania tallit is one of our most popular lines. Colored stripes add a contemporary touch to the classic pure wool and quality sewing.

Choose the size that will be most comfortable. Look through our selection of accessories. We embroider names on the tallit, tallit bag or Kippah. An additional option – you can upgrade the quality of the tzizit. Of course, the tzizit provided with the tallit are 100% kosher and come with the full certificate.


Brand: Talitania
Material: Wool
Made in Israel
100% Kosher

Additional Items

Dark Blue Velvet Tallit & Tefillin Bags Set
Dark Blue Velvet Tallit Bag
Dark Blue Velvet Kippah
White Satin Kippah
Black Velvet Kippah
Tallit Clips
Clear Heavy Duty Plastic Tallit Bag cover with zipper
Clear Heavy Duty Plastic Tefillin Bag cover with zipper
Light Blue Velvet Tefillin Bag
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Special Features

Techelet-Blue Thread (extra 4 days on delivery)
Handmade ashkenaz thick tzitzit (extra 4 days on delivery)
Handmade sefardi thick tzitzit (extra 4 days on delivery)
Handmade yemenite thick tzitzit (extra 4 days on delivery)
Handmade ashkenaz thin tzitzit (extra 4 days on delivery)
Handmade sefardi thin tzitzit (extra 4 days on delivery)
Embroider a name on Kippah - (extra 4 days on delivery, price per letter)
You may choose to write either in Hebrew or English or both
Embroider a name on Tallit - (extra 4 days on delivery, price per letter)
You may choose to write either in Hebrew or English or both
Embroider a name on Tallit Bag - (extra 4 days on delivery, price per letter)
You may choose to write either in Hebrew or English or both
Embroider a name on Tefillin Bag (extra 4 days on delivery, price per letter)
You may choose to write either in Hebrew or English or both

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Average rating: 4.8 / 5.0 based on 42 reviews


The largest size is too small for me, you should offer larger sizes.

Great gift for my dad

It is made of great quality, I haven't found better quality for the price. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for prayer shawl.

I like it

I love the Tallit. It's a perfect fit and suits my needs during prayer and study time. So far, very durable. I use it daily!

High quality

The quality is amazing and detailed. Would definitely buy from ajudaica again.

Prayer Shawl

A beautiful gift, amazing, wonderful for my father! He was happy with my choice of this prayer shawl.

Very beautiful and soft

Doing your prayer with God feels stronger. Quality scarf made! You see that it's made of quality wool. Stripes is a great accent on the veil.

Well made

It's better than I imagined. It's a perfect color, size, and weight. Very satisfied!

Does not have the blue fringes

I would have given a 5 star rating, the material is beautiful and crafted well, however It is missing the key piece written in the Bible to have blue fringes. I will have to find someone to add the blue strings to the tallit.

Kosher Tallis from Israel

I am so happy with my Tallis Prayer Shawl. Its beautiful....and very well made. Got it in 5 days all the way from Israel!!!

An adventurous tallit!

My husband is very traditional but I wanted just a bit of a change so I bought him this new tallit with blue and silver colored threads. Surprise, surprise. He thanked me so much for being adventurous.

Beautiful Wool Prayer Shawl

There are much nicer but more expensive prayer shawls out there, and there are cheaper and lesser quality ones as well, but it is difficult to beat the quality and price of this one. I received numerous comments about how nice it looked.

Excellent product and service

The product far exceeded my expectations. Very prompt delivery to New Zealand, which is as far away as it is possible to get from Israel.

Thank you ajudaica

You guys are great - could not have asked for anything more beautiful and majestic. Perfect. I put this on and feel like the ancient Jews wearing their prayer shawls

Great service

your staff were amazingly patient and guided me through the purchase. G-d bless you all

Listen to your wife!

my wife persuaded me to get a tallit with a bit of color - makes it more interesting. chose the blue white stripes. She was right. Looks better and I pray much better with such a nice tallit.

Tallit from Israel

I want you to know - I could have gotten a tallit here in New York, cheaper and quicker. But I wanted a tallit from Israel. It has a special holiness. I feel when I put it on that it comes from the Holy Land and was sewn there. It makes me feel more elevated

hurray for aJudaica service.

When my tallit didnt arrive after four weeks, aJudaica sent me a new one - it came in ten days. They included a velvet tallit bag for free to say how sorry they were for the delay. That is real nice. Will be buying here again.

Kosher Tallit

I purchased this kosher tallit for my grandson's Bar-Mitzvah, and I am very happy with it!

Wool Tallit

Excellent quality!

Extremely Statisfied

Exactly as described, and really better than I expected. Very satisfied.

Beautiful Talit!!!

I was very worried that I could not see the Talit I was designing on the website, but purchased it as an act of "faith". When I received after Shabbat (go figure), it looked amazing! Everything was very high quality, and it looked beautiful. I cannot wait to use it for high holidays. Thank you again, I will keep you in mind for other purchases!!!

Shipping Speed

Your company exceeded my expectations! I had questions that were answered by your online "chat" person. I quickly received the answers that I needed and ordered right away. Previously I have ordered from some companies in Israel that have not sent my ordered items for up to 6 weeks. Ajudaica sent me notice that my order was already sent within 24 hours - Amazing. Toda Raba! I look forward to receiving the tallit that I purchasee for my son's Bar Mitzvah. I also look forward to ordering from you again. Shalom

Beyond Expectations

I recently ordered the wool Tallit and it exceeded my expectations as far as the quality of the material and the constructing of the tallit. I have encouraged my church Bible students to purchase one for themselves. So far 5 have also ordered theirs. Will be telling others about your site and to also order them a tallit. I will be ordering again.

Absolutely beautiful

Absolutely beautiful and more than worth the small price. I gave this as a wedding gift to my grandson and he loves it. I bought size 24"x68".


Received tallit on time, no issues, looks and feels great , as described. Fully satisfied. Thank you

wool tallit

excellent product it's the 2nd tallit i've purchased & no complaints about either the other i purchased over 5 years ago, would recommend this site always.

Good product

Much nicer & better quality than I expected. This is my 4th order with ajudaica.com and I'm very pleased with their service.

Wool Tallits

These were exactly what I was looking for. Great quality and service. Thanks

Tallit and Tefillin bag

Great velvet bag that comes along with a larger plastic bag. Good quality, the plastic is up to scratch.

Great Tallit

Very nice talli. Looks very nice. Good shipping and enjoying daily!

prayer shawl

More beautiful than I was expecting! Thanks!

Special Tallit

This will be my third order for a Tallit. I am very pleased with my orders and hold me dear to me. The two I am ordering now are very special now that I am studying the Hebrew Language.

Beautiful Tallit

This tallit is beautiful and is just the size I wanted, with great looking gold stripes! Shipping from Israel was very fast. Now to change out the fringes…


5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful! Very pleased


good service, fast shipping and excellent product. Shalom

Tallit review

This Tallit is authentic and every thing arrived as stated and they had no problem customizing."


I am very pleased with the Tallit. I bought three Acrylic and one wool. All four are beautiful. The three arylic ones are for my son, daughter and grandchild. I know they will love them

Awesome product

The tallit was beautiful and my son was glad to receive it as a gift.

Very ellegant Tallit Gadol

A very pretty Tallit of the finest quality! It has been already with me about three years and still looks like new! CheerS!


The tallit was beautiful and exactly what our son wanted in anticipation of becoming a Bar Mitzvah. It was exactly as described and arrived on time as promised!

We LOVE the tallit

We just received a tallit today and my son loves it. It looks better than the picture shown on the website. We like it. Thank so much

Beautiful Tallit

Good quality, soft to the touch and traditional. I had the sefardi thin tzitzit added and I'm very pleased with the result Delivery was speedy and I trust ajudaica as a seller on the web.

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