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After a restful Shabbot steeped in spirituality, you gather around for the Havdalah (separation) services, which accompany the Shabbat as it departs, returning you to daily, mundane existence. light a special Havdalah candle and recite a prayer, smelling fragrant spices and reciting the Blessing over a goblet of wine. Jewish tradition tells that each Jewish person acquires an extra soul on Shabbat and when the day ends the soul departs. This departure leaves you with an inexplicable sadness and you use the spices from the Havdalah ceremony to lift your spirit.

The sets we offer run the gamut from the classic pewter and nickel ones to the ultra contemporary Agayof styles, in flamboyant shades of magenta, turquoise and more. Enjoy the smooth Landesman Havdalah sets with scenes from nature, such as doves and pomegrantes gracefully incorporated into the actual items.

Shabbat is the Jewish Sabbath and it falls on Saturday. From Friday evening until Saturday evening, observant Jewish people observe a special day of rest. This day of rest is meant to reflect the "rest" that G-d took after creating the world in six days. G-d commanded the Jewish people to rest on this day in the Bible and for centuries this is exactly what they have done.

Just as the Shabbat day is ushered in with a special candle lighting ceremony in which the women of the house light a candle for every family member and is blessed over a cup of wine, the Shabbat day is accompanied as it leaves with a special Havdalah ceremony. Havdalah is a Hebrew word meaning differentiation and this is just what the ceremony does- differentiates between the holy Shabbat day and the mundane rest of the week.

Havdalah Ceremony

Three objects are needed for the Havdalah ceremony; a candle, a cup of wine and fragrant spices. There are special sets that include all three objects that can be bought called Havdalah sets and they make wonderful presents for newly-married couples. The cup of wine is blessed over, the candle is lit and blessed over and the fragrant and blessed and smelled. The wine is used as this is the practice in Judaism at special ceremonies- to sanctify wine in honor of the event, the candle is lit and after being blessed over, all those present raise their hands and observe their fingernails in its light. The spices are blessed over and smelled so as to sweeten the sorrow of the extra soul that comes down into every Jew on Shabbat departing at this very moment.

After the blessings are recited, a little bit of the wine is spilled on to a plate and the candle is extinguished in the pool of wine. Some have the custom to dip their pinkies in the pool of wine and pat the wine on their eyelids, on their pockets, on their temple- each place represents a different blessing ? whether for riches, wisdom or that we should only see pure sights. Afterwards, many have the custom to sing special songs that describe the departure of Shabbat.

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