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Napkin Holders and stands for Birkon

What makes a good table setting even better? The details! It is small items such as napkin and bencher holders that add charm and taste to your table and are also functional and at aJudaica, they have a Jewish related theme making them meaningful, giving character and interest to your table and home.

If you enjoy the traditional style that is always acceptable, go for our selection of classic napkin and bencher holders made from a variety of colored wood styles decorated with plated silver.

If you enjoy table items that carry symbols, why not choose the ever-popular Jerusalem, Menorah, Hamsa or Star of David theme?

You will enjoy our choice of intriguing napkin and bencher holders. They will surely spark interest and conversation and of course, they make delightfully pleasing gifts. Look at our two tone pomegranate shaped holder or elegant leather covers holder. Yair Emanuel and Yealat Chen present us with splendid-looking pomegranate shaped napkin holders. A winner every time is Dorit Judaica. Her delicate aluminum-cut holders express the delicate beauty of the pomegranate that is her hallmark.

From a practical point of view, it is convenient to keep all your benchers together in a holder in the center of the table. Using the holder for napkins will eliminate the need for individual napkins for each setting or it will provide additional napkins. Whatever the use, they will be enjoyed and appreciated.

We give full credit for the original customer who wrote to tell us of his original idea - his Napkin and Brichon holder serve as a letter holder on his office desk. Thank you David R. for sharing this suggestion with us!

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