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Inserts for Shabbat Candles

It is Friday afternoon in the Jewish home shortly before dusk. The table is laid with gleaming Shabbat tableware, the hustle and bustle of Shabbat preparations is drawing to a close. The lady of the house, clothed in Shabbat finery, stands in front of the carefully prepared Shabbat lights and begins to kindle them. Covering her eyes, she recites the blessings and welcomes the holy Shabbat, uttering a silent prayer for the well-being of her family and dear ones. A glow settles over the room.

To ensure that the weekly candle kindling ceremony should be smooth and faultless, aJudaica recommends that you place your candles in special inserts. It is safer and smoother and most important – it will prevent that ugly dripping of wax on your beautiful candlesticks.

We offer a variety of styles and sizes although basically they all fulfill the same purpose. They are silver or gold color. Some have smooth rims, others have wording around the edge. Note the various sizes depending on the size of your candles.

A popular innovation is a glass tea light holder with a rubber plug at the base enabling it to fit neatly into your candlestick. If you have active toddlers around, this is a safety boon.

Dress up your Shabbat lights with silver plated inserts. They come in a choice of delightful designs that are pleasing to the eye and will dress up your Shabbat candlesticks with a touch of graceful inspiration. They will hold regular or small size candles. The glass cup inside is easily removed for washing.

The Hebrew word for light in Hebrew is “ohr” and its gematriah (adding up the numerical value of the letters) is 207. Read the number backwards and we have 702 which is the gematriah for the Hebrew word “Shabbat.” So, we see that the holy light of Shabbat is inextricably connected with the glow of the candles kindled by the Jewish woman every week.

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