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Travel Candlesticks

In the relaxed atmosphere of our homes, we welcome the Shabbat by kindling candles every week before dusk. Dressed in our Shabbat finery, the table is laid with wine, challot and beautiful dishes; the perfect backdrop for the blessing and accompanying eloquent prayer.

If you are away for Shabbat, in different surroundings, you may feel challenged how to deal with the situation. Perhaps you are in a hotel, a hospital or you may be out camping, visiting friends or on the road or maybe even at sea. Wherever you are, aJudaica offers you a beautiful solution.

The best way to ensure that Shabbat lights can be kindled wherever you are is to pack in your bag a pair of travelling candlesticks. The genius who devised the first pair certainly deserves a medal. Since then, the idea has been reproduced with countless variations.

Ajudaica offers a range of travelling candlesticks using all types of materials and designs from nickel or silver plate to a magnificent sterling silver pair. Small and compact, they are still elegant and attractive. So, even when you are away from home, you can light the Shabbat candles in style!

In his inimitable style, full of colorful energy, Yair Emanuel presents us with a choice of wood heavily lacquered boxes holding travelling candlesticks in his hallmark Jerusalem, peacock or pomegranate design.

Yealat Chen, well-known Israeli Judaica artist, offers a choice of travelling candlesticks with various classical designs decorated with Hebrew wording.

For a more contemporary with-it setting, we recommend the Adi Sidler or Caesarea Arts for travelling candlesticks that come in a choice of colors.

Exclusive Judaica artist Avidad Agayof offers a choice of contemporary travelling candlesticks precision cut in anodized aluminum. In a wide choice of colors, they come with a leaf design, a Star of David cut or a striking light bulb design that will look classy wherever it stands.

Enjoy strolling through our site. You will enjoy the choice, whether for yourself or a gift. Travelling candlesticks make delightful party favors. With one of these, wherever you are, you will be able to light the Shabbat candles in style!

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