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Browsing through our Israeli Artists products is the next best thing to a leisurely stroll through the Artists Quarter in Safed or Old Jaffa, or through the winding Jerusalem streets. Chic, ultramodern, trendy and quirky combine Jewish and Israeli tradition with the best of Israeli Artists.

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Showing 1-32 out of 4231 items

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The new generation of Israeli artists continue to contribute inspiring objects of Judaica with imaginative and contemporary styles. Dorit Judaica breathes youthful spirit into traditional items using mediums such as aluminium and wood in clean, modern designs. Adina Plastelina creates millefiori jewelry and home decor using a painstaking antique technique. Her items are bursting with color and fancy, forming unique masterpieces. The David Gerstein sculptures and Jewish objects are whimsical and quirky, enabling the viewer to consider these subjects in a new light. His strong designs executed in lively shades make for quality gifts for special occasions when the ordinary just won't do. Tzuki Art uses metal as a base for his sculptures, Mezuzah cases and Menorahs and decorates them with wildly happy and upbeat designs. Esher Shahaf creates Jewish items with exquisite hand work and lovely colors which are one of our favorite gift items. Shraga Landesman, Orly Zeelon is another artisan who imbues her hand made jewelry with gentle hues and youthful floral shapes. Agayof and Nano Jewelry are just a few more of the myriad artists featured here, each leaving their own individual imprint on their creations which will give enjoyment to their owners for many years to come.

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