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If you're looking for the ideal present look no further. Our special kits are the perfect way to spoil that significant other.

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Showing 1-5 out of 5 items

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Dead Sea cosmetic Kits

Travelling? On the go? Gift season? Time to treat yourself to something special. You don’t need a reason to fall in love with aJudaica’s beauty kits. Each one is from an exclusive name brand and is delightfully packaged with a charm of its own and perfectly matched contents.

Kit, an English word, originally meant a collection of articles that a workman or soldier carried in a small bag. In the 1940’s, cosmetic kits evolved in response to the increasing numbers of women using make-up and cosmetics and enjoying a new-found sense of freedom. They needed makeup items that were accessible and neatly packed. Kits were the solution and have been popular ever since.

So, next time you want to present a friend with a personal feminine gift, scroll through aJudaica’s special kits selection and you will find the perfect solution. Each cosmetic kit contains exclusive products from famous name brands. Packaged together attractively, you can be sure it will make the perfect impression.

Our popular Ahava-Gerstein cosmetic kits are impressive. They say a lot about who you are and the high esteem of your friends. There is a choice of three exclusive kits containing quality creams, lotions or masks – all produced by Ahava, the company that is committed to help every woman make the most of her skin. The bag is decorated by world-famous Israeli artist David Gerstein. His bold striking colors outline a heart design and his familiar signature is added for a luxurious finish.

A popular kit item is our Ahava Intensive Hand and Foot Cream set. It makes a thoughtful gift that will always be appreciated. If you are looking for a budget-priced kit, leave your host a delightful-package of mud soaps from the Dead Sea -each one enriched with the Ahava’s exclusive Dead Sea Formula that will pamper and enrich your skin’s natural qualities.

We know that buying gifts for men can be challenging. So, next time you want to buy a gift for the special man in your life, go for the Ahava Man’s kit containing shower gel, shaving cream and after-shave moisturizer. In striking packaging, Mineral Care also offers a choice of two men’s kits – one containing a face cleansing gel, a shampoo/shower gel and an after-shave balm and the other containing moisturizing lotion, face cleansing gel and after-shave balm.

A cosmetic kit looks good, feels good and will always be put to good use. So, when in doubt – kit’s the word!

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